Exploring Rewards:

take your training to the next level

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 -An intensive online course with Eva Bertilsson and Angelica Hesselius





Join in and explore the nuances of treat deliveries! Build a stronger relationship and hone your training skills at the same time. In this course you get to explore the nuances of treat deliveries in your horse training, expand your repertoar and extend the usefulness of your treats. How, what, where and how much you feed matters!

Join in and learn powerful techniques that will take your training to the next level.

Our most important job as trainers is to provide desirable consequences for our learners. 

This means delivering rewards. Delivering rewards in different ways, shapes or forms. Are you ready to up your game and take your reward procedures to the next level? 

We promise your horse will love this!

Continous feeding

Your treat delivery should prepare your horse for the next repetition.

Having a good system and structure for your reward deliveries is essential for becoming an efficient trainer. Treats and treat deliveries can fill so many functions in your training - not only are they powerful reinforcers, but creative treat delivery strategies will also promote desired movements, provide precise starting points, aid transitions between different aspects of the session, and minimize uncertainty, frustration and unwanted gaps in your training.

This course will give you both theoretical knowledge and practical solutions to make the best use of your rewards in your everyday training.