Exploring Nuances:

Dressage movements meets husbandry training.

-Helpful thought structures applied to real life training!

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A weekend deep dive where we explore what training for a vet exam for a dog (Eva) might have to do with finding proprioception in a halt for a horse (Angelica). What does it look like and what are we looking for?
Join in and find out!  



Friday evening Sept 10: Exploring Nuances live webinar
Saturday and Sunday Sept 11-12: Exploring Nuances in-depth weekend with live training, analysis and discussions.

You are welcome to join either just for Friday evening or for the full event (Fri-Sat-Sun).
Everything will be recorded and available afterwards as well. 


With whom?
Eva Bertilsson (Carpe Momentum)
Angelica Hesselius (Reward Based Art Of Riding)

Eva and Angelica are both internationally renowned positive reinforcement trainers based in Sweden.  Angelica works with horses and has a background in academic riding. She specializes in positive reinforcement training for balanced movement in groundwork and riding.  Eva works with a variety of species, and husbandry training is a current focus. Her background is in dog training for agility and other sports, and you usually find her teaching together with Carpe Momentum colleague Emelie J Vegh. 

Eva and Angelica have known each others for years, but Exploring Nuances is their first joint venture

Is this for me?

If you are nerdy about training, are curious about exploring the details of behaviors and enjoy finding common grounds between different species and venues, this event is for you!

More about the content:
Eva and Angelica mostly work in different venues and with different training goals, yet they share a common ground in their approach to training. During the summer of 2021 they have been digging deep into getting to know each others’ training and thoughts, pinpointing the reasoning behind their training choices and working together on some current training projects. 

Now they are eager to share their work with you! 

What might training for a vet exam for a dog (Eva) have to do with finding proprioception in a halt for a horse (Angelica), anyway? Join in and find out! 

Examples of what Eva and Angelica will be sharing with you: 

  • Working with foundation skills and training session structures.

  • Clarifying goals and priorities to help guide the choices in the training.

  • Decision making - both in the progress through a training plan and moment-to-moment in the flow of a session.

  • Incorporating elusive constructs such as relaxation and choice in the training

  • Thought structures and practical applications! 


How might this way of thinking be of help in your own training?
Join in and find out! 


Time schedule:


Friday night Sept 10:  Exploring Nuances webinar
(18.00 - 21.00, separate registration available):

Friday night, Eva and Angelica will have a live conversation about goals and priorities, foundation skills and training session structures with examples from their own current training projects with horse dressage movements (Angelica) and dog husbandry training (Eva). Questions and reflections from the audience are welcome! 

Saturday-Sunday (Sept 11-12)

Saturday and Sunday you get to join Eva and Angelica in live training, discussions and reflections.


Time schedule for Saturday and Sunday:

Morning live training session (10.00-13.00): Live training sessions with horse and dog! You get to watch the training, and hear the discussions as they play out in real time. 

Afternoons break (13.00 - 18.00): A looong break where the hosts have time to organize the videos from the morning, and where everyone gets a chance to tend to their own animals, have a good meal (or two) and possibly relax their brains a bit before the evening conversations.

Evening live discussion with video analysis (18.00 - 21.00): Reflections upon the morning’s training sessions with video analysis from the morning’s recordings.