About our Courses

Here you'll find more detailed info about our courses. Those currently on offer can be found in the web shop. 

Our focus is on giving you a solid foundation and guide you beyond the basics. The aim is to give you and your horse support during the process, to make you independent on a higher and higher level.


All courses has loads practical training in them. Our idea is that to become a good practitioner, you need to practice. So no matter the level you are working on every course contains loads of feedback on your training as well as solid theoretical knowledge. 


You can click on each course you want to know more about to find further information.


This is where we start getting into dressage. 

academic art of riding

R+ Dressage
4 ways of working from the ground

1st Nov-5 Dec

-5 weeks 

Build on your foundation skills and start working from several positions.

positive reinforcement

The R+ Rider

-3 weeks

Develop feel, observation skills and balance.

weight shift horse

R+ Halt Work

-4 weeks

We work in the halt. Develop balance, proprioception and your library of aids.


Build a stronger relationship and hone your training skills at the same time.  

In this week long online course we will talk about different ways to reward 

your horse during training. How, what, where and how much you feed matters.

Learn powerful techniques that will take your training to the next level.


From ABC to Groundwork

-13 weeks

13 week course starting next year. 


R+ Ground work

-8-16 weeks

In this course we focus solidly on the groundwork position. We will develop flexion and bend. Focusing on installing or develop the side movements and build duration and combining sequences in a dressage program.