R+ Dressage 
Building Blocks

5-week course with weekly lectures and Q &A. Explore dressage concepts with the help of foundation behaviours.

Advanced training is a deep knowledge of the basics. Our foundation is our building blocks for more advanced behaviors. With good basic half the jobb is done. You need a good foundation and so does your horse. This course concentrate on establishing this foundation targeted for dressage work. Alignment, flexion at the poll and chest rotation will guide us in everything we do. This is the first steps to balance a horse. 

Set Up

This course is intensive with weekly practical work interspersed with lectures and LOADS of individual feedback on your film clips from your training. 4 lectures and Q & A every week. Lectures are recorded so you wont miss them and can go back and rewatch them when it suits you.


For the course starting November we will have our meeting on Monday evenings (my timezone is Stockholm). All meetings are recorded and uploaded in the group. 

Week 1) Lecture 1+ Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise.

Week 2) Lecture 2 + Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise.

Week 3) Lecture 3 + Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise.

Week 4) Lecture 4 + Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise.

Week 5) Wrap Up Q&A. Coaching on our weekly exercise.

Who can join?

This for you who already know what reward based training means and have a horse who is calm and comfortable with food rewards. Your horse has some R+ built up foundation behaviours on his repertoar. For you two to get the most out of this course your horse should be familiar with nose and hoof targets. As well as look at the dressage aspects (flexion at the poll, bend and rotation etc) of the foundation behaviours we will have a look at your training loops and your cues. 

What do you need?

- a clicker savvy horse (see above)

- treats

-possibilities to train with your horse in liberty

-be able to video and upload your training on You Tube every week

-a mat (doormat works perfect)

-a nose target (ball on a stick)

-some cones and something to video with (for example a smart phone). 

What do you get?
The feedback part is at the heart of this course. If you put aside time to train there is great possibilities to improve massively in your practical training during these five intense weeks.

Included: 4 feedbacks/week. You can only participate with one horse.


4 lectures (we will cover the foundation skills, how to train in loops and talk stimulus control as well as the components of dressage and what to look for in your practical training).

5 Q & A:s (we meet on Zoom every week and talk training and answer your questions).


Both lectures and Q&A are recorded and available in our private Facebook group. It's super if you can actually join in on some of the Q and A:s so we get the chance to chat in real time.The Q and A:s are a lovely way to exchange experiences in the group.

In this group you upload your training clips, you video a typical session of 5-10 minutes and I'll give you feed back in our forum. 

Course Goal:
The goal is for your horse is to preform the foundation behaviours with fluency, accurate and with low latency. How far we reach during these 5 weeks will depend on where you start and how much time you can put aside to train. Some of these exercises can seem pretty simple but is really an important investment if you want to work with more advanced training.

Improve your observation skills and give you an understanding about how work in loops, work with cues and antecedent arrangement. Understand the importance of alignment and recognise components important for dressage.