About Angelica

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Horse training: a search for balance.

Horses and horsetraining are my greatest passions. In my own riding I focus on balance! Balance between behaviors as well as emotional and physical balance. Balance creates connection and lightness. Both from a horse and a riders individual point of view, but more important, as a unit. I am also very passionate about sharing my knowledge and experience with students. And I love networking with fellow trainers. There is always more to learn.

Riding and horse training should be fun! For both of us! The focus on balance helps set us up for success.
This focus is heavily shaped from my background in classical dressage and AAoR (see my CV for details). I travel all over Europe to give clinics on how to create and build up your dressage using positive reinforcement.

Here in Sweden I am a part of OHR+ utbildning
You will find my teaching in swedish there alongside a number of other good trainers with different focus. 


Canis (Clicker Instructor), 2020-2021 Joined this education as an AUDITOR

Canis (Clicker Instructor), 2019-2020 Joined this education as an AUDITOR

-Connection Training Coach, 2018

-Squiretest, Member 199 of the Knighthood of Academic Art of Riding, 2018

-Connection Training, Qualifing Instructor Program

-International Educational Program, Hanna Engström, Ekeskogs Riding Academy

Groundworktest, Academic Art of Riding

Ethology 15 hp, Linneuniversitetet, Uppsala Universitet

Rewardbased educational-year, online education  Carolina Thyselius-Fransson

Rewardbased Horsetraining Training (training group) Carolina Thyselius-Fransson
2013- 2018

Longreining for horsetrainers


Traingdays for licenced trainers,  Integrerad Ridkonst


Longreining, Training Group for Piet Bakker


Hooftrimming according to SANCHP, 4 days


Certified Riding Instructor in the Integrated Art of Riding
Diplomerad  Ridlärare  Integrerad Ridkonst


Saddlefitter, via EquiCare. 


Agricultural Science, SLU                        


Sport Horse Care and Grooming , 1 term, Strömsholm           


Diplomerad Hästskötare, Hästnäringens Yrkesnämnd, HYN                    


High School, horsecare, riding and horsedrivning , 1 term Nytorp  -1999


Hoof form orientation, 10 days, Wången                     

Connection Training Coach
Ekeskogs Riding Academy
Drangelska Ridinstitutet
rewardbased riding