Reward based Art of Riding

Old ideals, new pedagogy

Training and teaching with positive reinforcement. Learn to do dressage together with your horse combining the principles of learning theory with the principles of the art of riding. Build up your horses balance and understanding for the gymnastic exercises step by step.


Dressage is for everyone. We teach everyone who wants to learn. If you want to know more about our thoughts on this, please have a look HERE.

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Words from clients 

I had the pleasure and privilege to be a part of Angelicas web based education as well as trained with her on site. I would especially like to give a big thumbs up to her online courses as she's been really great at answering with elaborate feedback almost instantly, taking me and my horse to a higher level of the academic art of ridning, as well as making me better at clicker training.

I would recommend her to anyone that wants to deepen their knowledge in reward based training, but especially to people interested in the academic art of ridning.

Angelica is always positive and notices the potential in every horse and trainer. I always feel like a winner after receiving her feedback.

Angelica is a wonderful horse trainer and instructor.  Every coaching call is delighted as she always points out what goes well. She is very creative in her approach and sets both human and horse up for succes. She will start off from a point where both you and your horse are doing great. I always feel very confident and safe when training with her. 

Angelica has a well trained eye for not only biomechanics both also for bugs in your shaping plan, garbage behaviour in your training loops or any unclarities. Using video coaching has some great advantages. You can watch a video over and over again to train your own eye too. 
Plus it is easier to go back into training on your own and implement your new ideas. Which sometimes is difficult when you have been hand held in a lesson or clinic. 

I love her skill in freeshaping, antecedent arrangements and creating beautiful training loops. Training with Angelica helped me letting my ponies own the behaviours and they all have become true happy athletes.  

Unique training method, step by step, with the horse's best in focus. For anyone who wants that dream relationship with their horse and train dressage at all levels, from basic to high school