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For horses and their riders.

Body awareness, timing and feel through reward based riding.

Approaching dressage as a way

to help our horses become happier, healthier, and more confident each day.

Finding balance through movement.

educational program for reward based horse trainers

Wanna become a better trainer for your horse?
Join us and fill up ypur trainer toolbox! 

Module one starts late April: Trainer Toolbox

Link takes you to RBHA homepage.


But...there's always time for some dressage and I'm currently building a short series of halt courses. Some of them are gonna be self study courses and some with loads of teaching. Check out the concept by pressing the picture.


And in August it is time for the intensive R+ Dressage course again. If you have strong basics and want to build more gymnastics, this is for you! We will go through my dressage system and school our eyes for small movements. Coaching all week days during course period.

Words from clients


Pause-training has helped my horse Sickan to relax and enjoy our training more. 

She struggled a lot with her left hind leg when we started to train. Our gymnastic has helped her find her balance and build up her to become more straight.


I love Angelicas skill in freeshaping, antecedent arrangements and creating beautiful training loops.


Training with Angelica helped me letting my ponies own the behaviours and they all have become true happy athletes.

Unique training method, step by step, with the horse's best in focus.

For anyone who wants that dream relationship with their horse and train dressage at all levels, from basic to high school



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